The Silent Ranks

Common definition of Silent Ranks: The significant other at home, patiently waiting for our other half to return…… right?

WRONG!  The only thing somewhat true about that statement is “waiting for our other half” but certainly not patient and/or at home or “Silent” for that matter.

The purpose for the Silent Ranks page is to discuss whatever it is that is/was difficult, easy, challenging, upsetting etc. with being the “Silent Rank.”   That can range from Military life in general, to deployments and post deployments, to Veteran life and readjustment.  And, you don’t necessarily have to be the Silent Rank to be discussing this…this is a discussion for all of us who have taken any part in a Military lifestyle.

I will blog on the main page and tag it as Silent Ranks.  Feel free to comment there or carry the discussion over to this page.

Thoughts, suggestions, links and resources are welcome. 


Allison (Dan’s Silent Rank)


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