Sound Off

This is a place for Veterans, Family Members, and Friends to share their view, their struggle, how they are coping, and just about anything else you have to say. By putting down here what you have to say or what you have been through, it may help someone else. Your words, your fight might give another the motivation to keep moving. So take the time, put down what you have been through, it may just save a life.

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5 responses to “Sound Off

  • drwilden

    Everyday I fight, I learn a little more about myself. I learn about how much I have changed and that there is more than just my conscious self locked up inside my skull. One day, I will be the only one in the driver’s seat. It won’t be my rage, my anger, my guilt, or my fear. One day, I will forgive myself for failing my guys and come to terms with killing my brother… my enemy. But for today, I will just fight, tuck my chin brace for impact and take that daily rock away from the mountain. So I wish you a good round in today’s fight.

  • Scott Lee

    I struggle with money constantly, I just returned in paperwork to receive another increase for my service-connected compensation. It is 30% for PTSD, likely to go up to at least 50% for PTSD, which will double my income. Until then I work on getting my bachelors degree, and hopefully then I will apply for a business loan. One step at a time and one goal a day.

    Cool website here man!

  • C.J .

    I was in the dentist office the other day. I am not a fan of the dentist. It was your blog that keot pople alive that day. I’m sitting there, in a small room, my back to the door, people buzzing in and out, in a plqace that has only caused me pain my entire life. Events like getting my jaw broken wehile thay pulled out two wisdom teeth that was not fucking with anything my previous 2 deployments, but had dire consequences for the third one. It was my personal realization of why I was feeling this way, because of what I had read before that kept me in check, and kept me from going totally apeshit on people. Thanks

  • Shana

    How extraordinary your site and the responses are. I’m a therapist hoping to add my two-cents to the services available to combat vets in the near future. It’s shocking and tragic how y’all get the short end of the stick so much of the time. Even folks with obvious injuries – missing limbs, extensive burns, whatever – have a hard time. “Invisible” injuries like TBIs and PTSD….well, you know how it goes. I’ve bookmarked the site and will continue to visit regularly. Thank you for what you’re doing, and thank you to the folks who have shared their own stories here.

    Keep pushing,

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