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  • mike orban

    I will be hosting an internet radio program on PTSD. I’d appreciate if you could spread the word and more importantly
    I’d need your feedback for this weekly program.
    The show runs every wednesday at 11:oo a.m. eastern time on Americas Web Radio
    Log in at
    the first program is wednesday may 5, 2010 I hope you can participate.
    the show will have same day rebroadcast at 11:00 p.m.
    for for information on tomorrows show visit my website at
    I’d appreciate your feedback,



  • Jon Christensen

    Very special site. While psychologists and other helping professionals, and the military and the VA are all sincerely trying to help, it is the voice of veterans that need to be heard. Because PTSD was discovered by the mental health community in 1980 (or so) and so much time and effort has been invested in proving it,doing it, treating it, publishing it, earning a living from it – that the investment may be seen as needing to be protected from those who don’t fit into the boxes that have been created. Don’t mean to say that many of those boxes aren’t just fine, and appropriate, and very helpful to many. It’s just that I’m not sure we understand today’s PTSD as much as we understand yesturdays. So, your voice and Mike’s voice and all those who are listening and responding, are really important. Thanks for your help!


  • Jon Christensen

    P.S. PLease add the Vet Center program to your list of resources around the country. Vet Centers were created by the VA (Thanks Max) to let combat vets talk with and help other combat vets. The Vet Centers are still around and helping combat and combat theater vets come to grips with readjustment, and utilize what they’ve learned and experienced. Check out their website

  • Dan Van Buskirk

    Any way that vets can find a way to talk is going to be very helpful. My co-founder Pat Nettesheim and i started a non-profit org called Guitars For Vets in 2007. Our chapters offer 6 free guitar lessons for veterans in treatment for trauma. On the 5th lesson they will receive a free guitar. We did this out of concern for veterans having access to alternatives besides pills. I am a Vietnam veteran with 100 percent PTSD disability. The VA has helped me considerably but they have also missed the mark in some areas.

    I really appreciate your blog and expect that i will learn so much from listening to vets of all eras. I commend all vets for caring enough to share with each other because as a team we can do alot.

    I will be driving an old restored Harley Panhead (thanks to some very thoughtful vets) across country this fall to raise awareness about our nations warriors. We will stop in several VA hospitals along the way all the way out to DC. We will be performing in the hospital to help raise the spirits of men and women who are struggling with mental and physical disabilities from war.

    My only suggestion would be ..keep talking…keep sharing. Together we can get through this.

    Dan (Van Buskirk Pres Guitars For Vets)

    Sgt 1st Marine Div
    1st Recon bn
    Vietnam 68-9

  • Tom Caldwell

    Iraq vet 2004-05 OIF II Combat Engineer Team leader. Why did I do it everyone asked me after spending 9 years active duty as an Infantry Cpt. I came back in Enlisted in Dec 2001. Many many days and night on the road hunting IED’s around Baghdad. 24/7. I swore to myself I was not going to end up one of those weird acting War vets. Things seemed OK till I got home. back to family. away from my soldiers for 6 months. yeah call it crazy or Hell either one. I got severly depressed and upset about everyone asking me. How could you, the Pastor of a Church leave and go back in the Military enlisted in combat arms. I figured maybe some of my experience would help bring some kid home, or so I thought. you see I killed myself over there. Literally wrote myself gone that is the only way I could do my job and be a leader in tough times. Now I am paying for it but I was abel to bring my whole team home alive. Just some venting thanks

  • Dan Van Buskirk


    I really admire you for your qualities of caring. I have always felt that true spirituality is being by our brothers side not necessarily speaking from a pulpit or shouting wonderful things from roof tops. The test of our sincerity is how we live and pray quietly. You are a true spiritually minded person with wonderful courage and faithfulness. These qualities will serve you very well in a society that needs what you have. If you would like please feel free to join me on my Guitars For Vets Tour for Vets in Sept. Your voice is so important to vets.

    Thank-you for all that you do

  • Mike

    Good job sarge. I served in Viet Nam and Iraq. Do I have PTSD? You bet. I counsel soldiers all the time. What you are doing is great. After Nam, people said if you talked about what happened, you never saw combat. That was a huge mistake. Keeping it inside is the real mistake.

    Thanks for what you are doing.

  • Sarah Morgan

    Good Morning,

    I just read your blog that someone copy and pasted to the PTSD group on LinkedIn that I belong to. Firstly, I want to say THANK YOU…thank you for being the kind of person that puts their safety and well being last in order to put the general population’s first. And for enduring the atrocities of war and being away from home and being a part of a group run by the government even though you are aware sometimes they make crappy decisions on others’ behalf.

    I read about how your adjustment was after you got home, and I think it would be very inspiring to other people like yourself. If you aren’t already speaking at Veteran’s type of events, you should contact those people and set something up.

    Lastly, I know you have connections with many other Veterans, and my current project from my employer is to recruit candidates with military experience into mental health positions. Right now, we are looking for Psychological Program Managers, but shortly after this project we will be looking for Executive Assistants, Admin Assistants, Program Managers, CISMs, Substance Abuse Counselors, and Affiliate Counselors. If you have colleagues looking for jobs we are taking resumes for those positions at Please send an email for a position description.

  • streaming radio

    Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
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