It waits.

If you are going to wait might as well do it with a big stick.

If you are going to wait might as well do it with a big stick.

It waits.

Just beneath your calm surface it lurks.

You have it handled, wrestled and restrained it, but it waits patiently for your grip to loosen. It has no mercy and will beat you to your knees and keep coming until it kills you. Its allies are stress, booze, and life in general. The things that distract you from keeping it contained. It will deprive you of sleep, make you mean, and even emotionally liable. It is dangerous. It waits. It has no power unless you give it power. Be merciless in your restraint and tactical in your approach. Use logic, reason, and strength to hold it at bay. Know when to reach out for an ally as it does. Call for help. Beat that bastard back into submission and keep coming until its left bloody on the floor. Face him. Don’t let him lurk beneath the surface drag the SOB out and have a wall to wall counseling session. You are in CONTROL. Know that your enemy is what you have seen, not who you are. Dig your heels in and swing for the fences.

You wait for it to slip up, ready to slit its throat at a moment’s notice.

You wait.  


One response to “It waits.

  • Michael Orban

    are you making a statement or looking for comments/opinions? Either way you could be a valuable voice for Veterans readjusting after war.
    Those who struggle to explain and communicate their feelings would certainly benefit from your voice. Families of Vets would struggle to understand their Vet would also benefit.

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