Monthly Archives: April 2013

Never going to learn

When will evil men learn that if their goal is to terrify and divide us, they are doing it all wrong. We band together in times like these. We run towards the chaos and destruction to help even though in this day and age we know there may be a secondary waiting for the responders but we go anyways. These horrible acts these moments of the absolute low of humanity is always overpowered by the overwhelming strength of unity and compassion; the greatest aspirations of humanity. They will not divide us, we won’t cower in place while it clears. We will gather in groups and we will be in public. We will be scared but yet that’s the definition of courage, being scared and doing it anyways. We will refuse to let them achieve their goal. They have hurt our hearts by emboldened our spirit and the American spirit is a rebellious, angry, fighting spirit. News flash geniuses, the only terror that you will achieve is what you will see in your nightmares; we nicknamed those nightmares SEAL team 6, FBI HRT, and Delta CTU. Sleep tight ass hats.

The American Spirit only grows stronger in times of chaos and danger. We band together, circle the wagons, and prepare to serve lead salads to any and all takers. The best example I can give you were all the vests that were running to the chaos and that when the runners were told they could do nothing, many of them continued to run straight to Boston mass general to donate blood for the wounded.  If you watch the videos you see people clinging together. First-Responders running to the scene. Divided we fall, together we stand… thanks for reminding us of that you idiots. If you really want to destroy us run for congress they seem to be doing a great job. See you sooner than you think.

Good man.