Helpless…. not so much

We are not helpless. No matter what sappy news program says we are. We are never helpless. The bandwagon seems to be the enemy, the “Help the troops” gets emblazoned in the minds of the public making them think that its their job to save us. Respect, gratitude, adoration, these are things that are necessary for a veteran, not  pity or blind help. We are the toughest, nastiest bunch of people that have recently roamed this planet, and we don’t need any of your pity.

The small majority have killed, the rest have known death. The closest most civillians have been was when grandma died or that traffic accident on 610, we don’t need your sympathy… you don’t even understand what we have seen. The one’s that have lost limbs in the service are the hardest of the bunch. They have given an incredible sacrifice which all others hold in hallowed acclaim and honor, do not soil that by viewing our strongest with pity, we will snatch your soul out for that.

We are not helpless or lost or crazy, we are motivated, intelligent, and incredibly dangerous to you and your career… because we are coming for your job and your position and we already have 10 ways and a couple of AAR’s on how we can do it better. You should respect us and give thanks and offer assistance, not pity, or worry, or dare I say shame…. because we are the best this nation has to offer and combat was only act one for us.


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