Don’t hold your breath

An Ode to Dr. Seuss:

Don’t hold your breath, waiting for it all to just go away.

Don’t wait until you are hip deep or neck deep to try to get out of its way.

Don’t think that this will all go away if I just close my eyes, that’s when its free from all that reality ties

Don’t coddle your pride as you let your mind and anger slide.

Don’t hold your breath; you will only end up blue and gasping, with no ladder rung left for grasping.

No you should stand up and yell I am here, I am here, struggling alone,

Is there not a friend around to break this most monotonous tone?!

They will come in great flocks, even the college veterans in crocs.

They will come, bearing beer and stories and jokes to share in good cheer

They will help you leave the issues in the past or drag you up by your boot straps just as fast

They know about those dark days that follow, those memories that are rather hard to swallow.

They know the strength it takes to make it through, you’ve got it too, through and through

So stop sucking up and start standing up

Don’t hold your breath, waiting for it all to just go away, Reach out for help it’s a much better way.

And when you have stopped turning shades of blue, lean over and help your buddy so they can stop too.

All kidding aside, let someone know if you are having a hard time. You don’t have to suffer alone, let someone else help you embrace the suck. By the by Mar 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

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