In your corner

A message to the ones searching for their conviction: You ain’t going this road alone. We’re in your corner. We’ve been tried and have been tested. We never worry about being rested. We are as hard as stone. And so are you. Stay the course, fight the fight. Take your lickin stand up and ask for more. This is not the permanent it is the temporary. Dig your toes in, get off your heels and swing for the fences. Whether you fight your inner demons, fight the transition, fight the traffic, fight the isolation, fight the bottle …. it matters not, you are never alone and we will always be there in your corner, cutting your eye-lids and wiping the blood out of your eye. I never said it was gonna be easy, never said it would be clean, all I am saying is we are in your corner. Never be afraid or ashamed to reach out. The true test of a warrior is knowing when to ask for help. Tuck your chin and watch his left its a hammer.

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