Where have all of those “patriotic” Americans gone?

They were so quick to stand up and wave their flags after September 11th.   Every car you passed on the highway had an American flag waving from its window, and then they had the yellow ribbon magnets on the trunk.  Where were they the month before?  Where are they now?   I almost titled this post. Patriotism: Flavor of the month.

Everyone remembers where they were on 9/11.   This is going to be one of those big topics we still discuss as old people.  Do you remember where you were?  I do.  I had already been on active duty for 5 years.  My unit was conducting a FTX outside of Grafenwoehr, Germany.   I didn’t get to see any of the pictures or news videos until at least two days later.    I actually remember thinking that it was part of the scenario for the FTX at first, it just didn’t seem possible or real.

A month and a half later I PCS’d to a stateside assignment.   I took a few weeks of leave in between assignments to visit my family.   I remember getting so pissed off at all of these patriotic pretenders when I was home.  Since I was already in the service, I knew the indifference most people have for the military.   Unless they have a family member serving, they probably don’t give the military a seconds thought.  Consider serving?  NO WAY, NOT ME, NOT MY CHILD!  Like military service is undignified or is something that someone else is obligated to do for them, so that they can drive to their yoga class, in a $40,000 car, talking on their blue tooth, sipping on a venti mocha latte, while someone else is watching their children.

Do you know how  many people ever shook my hand, said thank you for serving, or maybe offered to buy my meal before September 11th?   Only WWII and Vietnam Vets!   When was the last time someone shook your hand recently?  Do they even realize what Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day stand for?

We just observed the 9th anniversary of the events that happened on September 11th.    I checked the internet and television on September 15th, and the news had returned back to normal.  Football Season.  Video Music Awards.  Reggie Bush loses his Heisman.  The petty Bullshit games that the Democratic and Republican Parties are playing with each other.   Which celebrity is in rehab.   Michelle Obama’s 20th vacation this year.  Oh, How soon we forget!

Does anyone know that there were two more Medal of Honor recipients this month?   One of them is the first living service member to receive the award since Vietnam.

There are some people out there who truly show appreciation for the Soldiers and keep this continued war in their minds.   I truly appreciate the efforts that some of these actors, singers, and professional athletes show the military.

Those who volunteer to tour the base camps in Iraq and Afghanistan visiting the Soldiers:
The Athletes and Cheerleaders of various Professional Sports teams.
People like Robin Williams, Leanne Tweeden, Gary Sinese, and Kid Rock have all been on multiple USO tours.
Nobody beats Toby Keith…Man what a guy!!!
World Wrestling Entertainment has not only visited the Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, but puts on a televised wrestling broadcast EVERY year.

The Anheuser Busch company has offered FREE admission to Busch Gardens and Seaworld theme parks for Soldiers and family members since 2002.   Walt Disney World only started offering a DISCOUNTED rate after the economy dipped in 2009.

How about those two “kissin’ grandmas” at the DFW airport?   These two ladies are out there practically everyday greeting Soldiers returning on EML.   Those ladies are the real Americans.

So besides releasing a little frustration you may wonder if I have a point?   If these people aren’t able to look past their own self-absorbed lives, are we ever going to get the attention we need for veterans?   Think about it.  These are the voters.   These are the ones pushing for free health care and gay marriage.   We are the 1%.   That is the percentage of the American population to serve in the military.  We need to be active in making our voices heard.


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  • homesteadramblings

    Sometimes I mourn the fact that parents don’t seem to teach their children our heritage as Americans and ignite their patriotism. How will they know? Thank you dear soldier for what you have done and are doing. You are valuable to us.

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