The great machine

When my mind gets creative, I start to feel like I am on willy wonka’s crazy ass boat, no Idea where this is going, there’s no way of freaking knowing… lol

It started simple enough the villagers just wanted something to stop the wolves from killing the cows and dragging off the children. So they made a big tower that a villager could sit in to watch out for the bad things. But the wolves were sneaky, so the villagers set trip lines with bells. But the wolves were stealthy, so the villagers made pit traps. They killed a couple of the wolves, but that only made the wolves more blood thirsty. That night they took one of the young villagers and toyed with him, they didn’t kill him they just marred him. The young man was later rescued and brought before the town doctor, who just happened to be an inventor. He did what he could by the young man died of his wounds. That night wolves came in full force. The villagers armed with pitchforks and fire were able to hold the wolves off but only at great cost. In the midst of the chaos the inventor, driven by rage and sorrow, created the great machine. It was an incredible device, fast, strong, silent and very good at killing wolves. As soon as the hum of its engines came to life, the wolves ears shot up and eyes got wide. It wasn’t long before the machine was running the wolves down in the woods. You could hear their howls for miles. At first the town rejoiced at the sound but as the nights of massacre wore on the people began to try to drown it out. They wanted to hear no more of the wolves death, just as long as they were dead and there was no threat to the village. At the end of 7 nights, the den was found, the machine did its work, and then began to make it way back to the village. On the approach through the town, the machine was met with screams and defensive villagers protecting their families. They glared at the machine worse than they had ever stared at a wolf. The machine made its way to the inventor, he assured him that everything would be fine, he put him in the corner and covered him with a sheet. Told him to power down because he was no longer useful. That would have worked just fine for a machine, but there was one thing that made this hard for the machine, the inventor had used the young man that had died’s, heart and mind to run the machine. So under the sheet, the killing machine driven by a heart broken man’s mind and heart, its pneumatic fluid began to boil. The brain prayed for the wolves to return. The heart pounded in pain and in hate. He had given every last bit of his humanity to the machine and when he came home there was nothing for him but discontent. So he did the only thing he could, he took off the sheet and began to build. He made himself a machine, one that could, build and farm and lift, one that the towns people could use. When he was done he had the inventor transplant his mind and heart to the new machine. That morning he set out to help the towns people. At first they were reluctant but soon began to let him help build barns and plow farms. He was fast and strong and did his work better than animals. One day when a villager was working with a grinder, the noise sounded just like a wolves growl, the machine jumped into a stance prepared to kill but it was just the grinder. At first the town paused and then it laughed, wrote the machine off as a broken piece of junk. The machine’s human heart, ceased to beat, the machine walked slowly back to the inventor’s garage. Took the sheet off the the war machine. Stared at it for a moment, he hated it so much. Thats when the pain got the best of him and the evil plan hatched. I will make them know my pain. He powered up the war machine, put his mind in it, once hooked in he crushed his heart in the farming machine. With that he was free from any left over humanity. He set about his work quickly, knocking over huts and destroying barns. He punted cows into the next village and popped chickens like balloons. He used his flame thrower to start a great blaze burning the fields and any workers inside. He used a yak as a wrecking ball as he threw it through buildings. He found the one that had laughed at him, drew him close to the place were his cold electronic eyes were, and whispered, not so funny now. I saved you, gave up my humanity, I came home and you scorned me. I changed who I was, everything I had known, to be part of your little village, you laughed at me and said I was useless. So I went back to the only thing I was good at, destruction. With that he hurled the man as hard as he could. His screams disappeared just as he disappeared into the night sky. The great machine’s evil laugh was heard as his shadow dimmed running away from the great blaze and out into the woods, the place where the only ones that knew what he was, the wolves, the only ones that could actually accept him.

Hope you enjoyed my allegory, think about it mill it over. The only question that is not obvious in the story, is how do you stop the great machine? The answer is pretty simple.


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