Most Distressing

How do I help as many vets as I can?

Its that same fervor that drove me nearly insane in Iraq. A friend, seems to be a master of the one line bombs, said to me,” This may hurt but maybe you just aren’t ready to help other people.” What he meant is that I don’t manage to help others and come out of it unscathed. I come out of one of those “come to jesus” meetings roughed up and beat down. I usually drink hard that night and make an ass out of myself. Allison has to tolerate all the craziness that flows out of my mouth. I completely disassemble. I am a farking mess. And when its all said and done and I pass out the necessary apologies. It dawns on me that I would do that a million times over, if it only gets one. If it only keeps one trooper from being there, hell knows I stood there. I would go through that emotional crap any day, any time of the week at a moment’s notice to help a brother out. This is apparently a contagious disease or at least communicable. All Vets feel that in some way to some extent, that it is part of that undying obligation to the guys that chewed the same dirt as you. Just cause we made it out, doesn’t me we leave them behind, its all the more reason to turn around and pull them up too. We have to all of us, actively search for those in need. Those that don’t admit it, those that don’t see it, those that reach out, those that try to laugh it off, those that drown it out, we have to find them and do what is necessary, smack on the back, kick to the head, a funny story, or a simple I have your back. We have to sit down shut up and let them drop the ruck for a minute. Then when its time get them back on their feet with their lighter load. We have to find a way to be that ringside corner man, talking a battered rocky into getting back in there to knock Chuck Norris out. This stuff keeps me up at night and drive me insane.

So how do we help as many vets as we can. We start but getting real, cutting the B.S. That macho crap, has to go. Trust me, I am egotistical SOB, you don’t make much of an NCO if you aren’t but I dropped that macho crap at the door when I started this. If we are actually gonna help vets and help each other, thats got to go. That very thing is what makes the stigma. Thats the thing that leads to joes taking their lives or taking someone elses. All because our little fragile egos can’t handle the simple truth that after war we needed a little back up, what a load of horse @#$6! Boils my freaking blood. Makes me want to shit kick every individual I see who says crap about it being weak or sad. Makes me want to drag their faces and their false medals through the mud, because those of us that really know, know what it takes from you to be the monster. And you don’t just come back and smile. After that we have to walk around with ninja skills, quietly listening into conversations waiting for those warning signs in their speech. Just hunt for them, when you catch one surround with as many vets as possible, let the stories go and then let them have the floor you will be amazed what comes out.

How do we help as many vets as we can…. by genuinely giving a damn. Fastest way to heal the invisible scars is to heal another’s.


3 responses to “Most Distressing

  • Jonvietvet

    God (as you define that energy)comes first. You come second. Allyson and your family comes firth. If you screw this up you are more likelythennot only a lost brother in the making. To help others in a meaningful way. You must help and heal yourself first. Listen or not. Yourchoice. But this is not a wheel you need to create yourself alone, nor is it wise to take on this dragon alone. As a nco, I assume IOU learned all this. What your trying to do is combat. The same lessons apply. I don’t want to loose you, brother.

  • Dan Van Buskirk

    Usually the folks who take the macho line sadly have issues with their masculinity. We do all that we can to support vets as we have presented over 700 guitars and 5,000 lessons to vets in treatment. We are in Afghanistan and have several chapters across the country. Is there any possibility that we could have a link on your sight? We originated in Milwaukee and teach several classes in the Milwaukee VA domicilary.

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