Aristotle would have been proud

Did you know that Socrates was a soldier?

Mike Orban is an interesting man, I have never met in person. He is a Vietnam Veteran and more over a PTSD Veteran and from what I have deduced a verified bad ass yet he would never admit to it. He is an Author and a Radio Show Host on the subject of Combat PTSD. Mike is the kind of guy that seems to have lived 10 more lives than you but even just one of his would still have more stories than yours. He dropped this nugget of Knowledge in my comments section, a place that is not fit for something of this clarity, simplicity, and overwhelming magnitude of  mind unraveling awesomeness, therefore its posted here. Read it fast, then read it again, try to connect the dots. Its a chunk of knowledge that Socrates would have dropped on some sophist punk on the steps of an Athenian Market.

I had to accept that American soldiers have gone to war (in principle) to keep the experiences of
war outside this country and away from it’s citizens. Yet, at the same time now, after being at war,
I wanted them to understand what true physical, psychological and spiritual committment war is for
the soldiers. I wanted patriotism to be real. However I saw I was caught in my own thinking. The only
way for others to understand our experiences at war was for them to have been to war and this is
precisely what we were successful at preventing (in principle). So, in our own success we had
created our own isolation. I accept this now as being a warrior and being a warrior for life, I don’t
want them to understand because I know what they’d have to go through to gain that understanding.
I don’t wish that on them and in this I take pride which helps calm my soul.

-Mike Orban

Author of ‘Souled Out, A Memoir of War and Inner Peace’

Host of Combat PTSD Exposed

Catch it Wednesday at 11AM/PM eastern time on


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