Putting it out there

B Reed, commented on his own post last night. That happens from time to time with us, we realize that we hit a nerve and its usually within ourselves. After losing our brother this week he posted this.

I am re-reading this post in a different perspective after this week…some of you guys may be feeling alone and hanging at the end of your ropes. Maybe you are without engaged leadership. Maybe you are without a close knit group of friends. Where are you? How is it affecting you? Do you have someone to talk to?

I am still angry and have a lot of mixed up thoughts about losing another Soldier, but if you think about asking yourself “Would someone be there for me if I asked them?” The answer is yes. Step back from the bottle, sc@#$ the bulls$%^, and open your frigging mouth.

“Being alone sucks. Feeling alone sucks.”

“Did things change for you when you changed locations? When you weren’t surrounded by everyone from the deployment? If anyone else ever feels alone, depressed, desperate, or just wanting to talk. Drop me a line, or post your thoughts up in here.

He posted this on What’s your 20: https://jollyrogertoolbox.wordpress.com/2010/06/10/whats-your-20/

This is so critical. Open your mouth, talk to someone. You don’t have to declare it to the world but you have to find someone to confide in. Someone to lean on. Don’t be stupid, don’t drink the kool-aid, talk or die. Its not a tough decision, you either heal and deal or you take your chances playing Russian roulette.

If you are having some real trouble call this number 1-800-273-TALK (8255), its a veteran suicide prevention hotline.  Nothing is worth killing yourself over, especially your freaking pride. That’s all I got roger 6 out.


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