Mike’s Reply

Mike’s reply, to PTSD and learning theory. I would have to say he hit the nail on the head. And no Mike you aren’t getting booted cause you saw through my over simplified shoddy method, you aren’t that lucky. We had very specific parameters for the paper and so I had to tailor my views to fit inside the box.

some things I would like to know first about these experiments.
First, did B.F. Skinners rats go through an assesment/evaluation for PTSD, were they seen by a ‘comp and pen’
evaluation board? Did B.F. Skinners rats suffer military PTSD or victim PTSD, were they victims of rape, car accidents
or robbery at gun point? How do we know Skinners rats weren’t faking it? Was there a stigma in being a “Skinner rat’?
Secondly, when a veteran is subjected to this behavior modification and ‘operant condition’ will the
‘accompanying person’ be a veteran or civilian, trust is important ? With the anger component most vets have would they even consider subjecting themselves to any punishment by anyone?, or simply remark , ‘I’ll buy my own F*&^**’ beer?
If we veterans instinctively look for weapons in our surroundings
and if you snapped the rubber band on a veterans wrist causing a startle response
and angry outburst, would the veteran now recognize his beer mug as a weapon and cruch it over the
‘accompanying persons’ head?
Seriously , I think you make some good points that I feel are important. PTSD is a very complicated mind game (for me).
I don’t believe it is a disorder, I believe it is a reaction to extraordinary experiences. A disorder to me would be the
veteran who has no reaction at all, that’s a scary person! I was simply overwhelmed by the volume and intensity
of the components that made up my experience. It took time, thought and communication to resolve many of these.
The cruelty for me was that we are turned loose to solve these experiences on our own. Very Difficult to do, but
certainly possible.
You remark that you may not be well educated…….! Not certain this has anything to do with it. Very well educated
professionals have had 30 years to develope strategies to resolve PRSD and for the most part have failed.
War (for me) brought out the most basic GENETIC survival instincts. I believe they are in most humans, we have
simply ‘socialized’ ourselves out of recognizing and understanding our survival instincts, we are ‘civilized’. We, as soldiers, were reconnected with that instinct and through simple thought can recognize this as NORMAL, human history is the greatest proof of this. We as veterans are simply in a small group of people who can understand this instinct as real and
not fluffy psychological theory.
I believe it is we veterans who have the answer to our experiences and should do what we can to take control
of this PTSD thing as ours and not the realm of the unannointed psychologists.
I also believe that educated or not, this blog is an excellant example of two vets taking the lead for the rest of us
in providing a place to speak out and I am honored to be allowed to participate. We need more of this.
Sorry to rattle on, I hope this makes sense and I am not ‘booted’ from the blog!


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