Judge not, lest ye be…beaten

Mike Orban emailed me the other day.   Mike is another veteran, an author, PTSD web radio show host, and a follower/contributor to this blog.   He asked my thoughts on the following post from a discussion board.   It was written by someone claiming to be a “psychologist.”

Should national debate on torture be expanded to include what Military Service Members are experiencing in combat that is so severe and mind altering, that they are coming home and committing heinous acts of murder, sexual assault, domestic violence, rape and the self directed violence of suicide. The numbers are unprecedented.

My fist thought was that this guy was trying to provoke someone, and my second was that he is an idiot.  (the psychologist, not Mike)

What does torture have to do with PTSD?  Are they related?  I didn’t see or experience any torture.

What kind of national debate?  Who is debating it?  What is the intended goal?

Is everyone returning from combat committing murder, rape, sexual assault, and suicide?   Is even everyone who has been diagnosed with PTSD committing these acts?

No, it is only a certain minority.   Just like the minority percentage of civilians who do it.

I want this guy to provide some statistics.   He said the numbers are unprecedented, so he must have them.  I want to see them.

What is the ratio of Soldiers returning from Combat committing these acts to those who are not?
What is the ratio of Soldiers diagnosed with PTSD committing these acts to those who are not?
What is the ratio of people without military affiliation committing acts to the normal population.
Now what is the comparison?  Probably the same ratio or even less than what happens in the civilian sector?

These kind of people have always pissed me off.   In the ’90s, the military was getting a bad rap for sexual harassment because of a few incidents.  I am sure that it was happening in the civilian sector at a comparative ratio then as well.

If this guy’s comment pisses you off, google: Allen Breed.  He is a member of the Associated Press that recently thrashed Veterans claiming PTSD and spread rumors of veterans malingering in order to receive benefits.   See how you feel after reading about that.

Are we held to a different standard?  Maybe we all need to hire Hollywood PR/Image Consultants to ease the negative spin.

This is like that stupid law that they want to pass for Georgia Driver’s Licenses.


The media and these special interest assholes want to label all of us as dangerous.   Just look at the URL:  Law labeling veterans “damaged.”   I work in the law enforcement field and I can tell you that first and foremost Police Officers think of  “Officer Safety,”  and this designation on a driver’s license will be designating us as potentially dangerous.   You are going to have a lot of cops getting itchy and alot of veterans getting tasered or worse.

So, now we are fakers, damaged, and potentially dangerous?  I think we need to start saying something about this through veterans groups, military lobbyists, and state representatives.

Dan spoke about Veterans Courts being set up in Texas.   I can agree with that and I also agree that those courts should not be a get out of jail free card, but I feel that this license thing not only seems more dangerous but reinforces the negative stigma.

Another reason not to ask for help? Another reason to hang our heads in shame?

These Soldiers may be having problems with anger management and depression, but that does not automatically make them a serial killer or rapist in waiting.

Well, I think I need to go lock myself in my room now, there is a full moon tonight.  I don’t want to turn into a beast and run around ripping the flesh from all the village maidens.

Where do these guys get their degrees from?  Are they seriously providing treatment to people?

By Bryan H. Reed, Army Veteran OIF 07-09


2 responses to “Judge not, lest ye be…beaten

  • drwilden

    I see that the brown paper bag full of pills that the mental health people gave you, me and everybody else that is “Damaged Goods” are helping a lot.
    That kind of sentiment, that thought that we are all too far gone is the exact reason that this place must exist. We all know that we are not too far gone, we are just hitting a couple of speed bumps. We are just righting our system and trying to get the horizion on the level again. We don’t need a bunch of quacks and self-appointed experts to tell us how to cope. And for that matter these guys have a couple screws loose, messing with the same group of people that keeps them safe in their beds at night.
    I think we just dismiss it. You fight it, you are just more of a wing nut. Kill them you prove their point, agree and you prove their point. We must simply, do what all veterans before us knew to do, stick to our own and heal within the inner circles and wait for them to need us again.
    Nice picture by the way.

  • Domenica

    Okay, don’t even get me started on these effing whack jobs. And oh, I’d like to know the number of Psychologists who abuse their position of power to f***k with their patients just like my husband’s did. He may have been “broken” before, but now quite frankly he is shattered beyond repair. Too many of the pieces are missing to try and reassemble even a fraction of the man he was before his abusive Psychologist got her hands on him

    And the Veterans’ Court deal I’ve written about before… one county over from where I live, there is a special Veterans Court which offers a second chance to current and retired service members who commit crimes while struggling with PTSD and TBI. The aim being to identify and treat vets before they get deeper into trouble with the law and their crimes become serious and violent. I come from a correctional background, working in a jail and seeing veterans incarcerated without the proper treatment they need is a national disgrace. I was embarrassed to be a part of a system that couldn’t pull it’s head out of its ass for veterans yet offered Sentencing Alternatives and multiple treatment options for Sex Offenders.

    I agree these nut jobs can kiss my ass, or come live with me and my husband for a week and then tell me which one of us is FAKING IT!!!

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