Soldier View #4 Bursting the Bubble

This was in response to “so you’ve been told you got PTSD” but it held to many truths to not be reposted here.

i love how you are so blunt about everything but you are right. i dont know how many times i have sat in my room crying asking myself why me.. why the fuck am i going through all this shit. i mean i’m only 22 years old i shouldn’t be afraid to live my life or go explore the world, but i am. or even afraid to go to sleep because not knowing what messed up nightmares i might have. it used to get so bad that i would scratch myself while i was sleeping so bad tell i was bleeding and i would wake up and not know what the hell was going on.. i hated my life.. i hated what i had turned into. people always known me as the bubbly person always smiling and laughing, but that was long gone. i wanted my old life back. but after months and months and months of counceling and talking with my friends and family im finally getting back on track. so there is hope for everyone. and PTSD will only ruin your life if you let it. miss all you guys!!!!

— Shawna Olson AKA Bubbles—


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