Soldier View # 3 Check your pride and all other BS at the door

Pay attention to the links those will be more than helpful

So I have been thinking about this for a week or so now and here it is. When I was in the army there was one way. If a solder was feeling down, depressed, stressed, showed signs of PTSD we all told them to SUCK IT UP, Even I told a lot of Solders that. I look back at it all now and think did I ever push anyone of them over the edge, did I make them lose it, did I fail as a leader. Well I look at it and say yes I did because I was doing what I was taught. PTSD is not something that everyone can learn how to deal with in just a few sessions of training or to deal with in a few counseling sessions.

I never thought I would have PTSD. When I got out of the Army and my great Wife Raylynn stood by my side and tryed and tryed again to pick me up while i slid down hill every time. She pushed me to go to counseling at the VA i did for like 4 sessions and then stopped. My relationship was heading down hill fast and I mean fast. We had a big blow out and she told me that this was the last chance. God knows she gave me a million chances to get help (web sights, phone #, people to go talk to) she pretty much handed it to me on a platter. During our blow up she had brought up again for the 100time about Hope for Heroes ( ) I called them and set up an appointment and went in and met with my counselor. I came out of the first session feeling OK and went back for more and then again some more. well about 5 months later I’m still going. This crap that the army says 6 free sessions and your good well that’s not true for a lot of people. I know for me Manning up and wanting to get better and seeking help (with a lot of help from my Wife) has improved my self and family life. here are some web sights to check out any where in TX you can call 211 and ask for a Vet service rep and they can tell you where to go for help. Any VA clinic or VFW hall in the US can help also and its all free.

I know we all go our separate ways after the army and we might grow apart but no mater what we are all still brothers and sisters and have gone thru things others have not. Yes others might know about it and feel for us. We need to look at them also when we are on the down slide and they can help us out also. I know I turned away from my family shit even my Wife because I thought she had no clue what i was feeling inside, but i drooped my pride at the door one night and listened to her and thank god I did because I owe it to her that i am where I am now. Listen to your loved ones that care about you and the ones that you care about. I cant say thanks enough to WILD MAN for setting this up because I have been trying to think of how to get the ball rolling on this for a long time now.

To everyone reading this I hope it has helped you seeing my point of view and if there is any thing I can help you with give me a shout any time of the day or night 512 496 9221. More to come soon 

—- Troy Levandoski—- Big Ski


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