Soldier View # 2 Never know where you will find trauma

Another view point

So where do i start. Some who know me may think “what does that radio jockey know about this stuff”. I didnt always sit behind a radio and i listened to some awful things over that handmike. I didnt have to be there to remember the voices. I still remember callsigns, i still remeber routes, i still remember squads calling in their situations. I can hear Bear’s voice, Raven, Slinky, Reed, and many more. As i sit here now contemplating if i want to do this stupid humanities homework or watch some tv i think about my old life; my Army life. Reading what others have written really makes me put things into perspective. I have these funky dreams here and there. I still see myself looking behind me, watching the car that is too close, the person that is standing on the side of the road with the hood over their head.

I find it hard to relate to people at school that do not have a clue especially when they ask questions. I have been luck to have a very supportive family and wish that everyone i know could benefit from that. However some family members are not as understanding and are quick to give their “2 cents worth” when it isnt wanted or when it is totaly off base.

Things i do to make life liveable. I rarely ever drink anymore and never alone. It doesnt help me so i dont bother. I have a routine, school and gym during the week then work on the weekends. I seek out people that i have a common bond with, especially other veterans. I am sure many people could remember how much i used to bitch, well i dont do much of that anymore. It didnt get me anywhere and it wont dont me any good now. When i encounter something in the civilian world that sucks or is really stupid i always think “this could be alot more screwed up than it is, like Talill screwed up”!! That goes along with what Reed said!

Well, this is the best i could come up with for now. Hopefully it will help someone or benefit someone in some way.

— Derek Ridings– Big Guy on the Mike


One response to “Soldier View # 2 Never know where you will find trauma

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