Owning Up

This is more of a singled out conversation for those with PTSD, everybody else read for your own edification.
One of things I have noticed with a lot of guys who have PTSD or were told that they have it is that they succumb to it. What I mean is that as soon as someone says, “Yea you’re pretty messed up” they take that as their lot in life with nothing left to do about it, but feel sorry for themselves. Well, suck it up princess this shit ain’t over yet.
    When you first get told that you are messed up, its just confirmation to something you already knew. Now it is time to do something about it. First thing you should do, is sit down and write out the things that you know are causing you to wig out a bit. Second thing you should do, is to identify the ways you have been self-medicating, i.e., drinking, driving too fast, fighting, or taking things you aren’t supposed to and do away with them altogether. Thats a hard one I know but it will help. Third thing you do, is STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF. Drag yourself up by the boot straps and get your ass in gear. You know what is bothering you, assess and start to push for ways to cope. Education is the key, become a sponge absorb any information you can on the subject. Learn from the other guys, from books, from the bullshit the military feeds you. The more you know the more tools you have to face it.
     I know that PTSD is difficult, in fact it can consume you. I have no lost respect for guys that have a hard time with it, thats just the nature of the beast, in fact I was one of them. Then my old man, brought the thunder during one of my drunken episodes. He reminded me of who the hell I was and how I had been raised and told me to suck it up. Now I didn’t exactly just move on, but I stopped feeling sorry for myself. So now, I am hear echoing his message. You are not a unique and beautiful snowflake, you are not the only one dealing with this, everyone goes through a hard time and this is not the time to sit and pout in your fox hole…Its time to take the f@#$ing hill and kill the bastard in the machine gun nest. Get off your ass and get it in gear because if I have to come through this freaking screen and kick your ass I will. The diagnosis or the self-realization of PTSD is not the end its the beginning its the first bell in a long ass fight and you better bring every gun you got to the table. So man up,  take the hand up, and get your ass moving towards dealing and coping with this shit. Not because it will be good for you but  because it is the unselfish thing to do, the right thing to do. Don’t just give up, not on yourself, your friends, your buddies that went over there with you, your family back home, you have to fight to help them. You need to learn to overcome so that you can teach others and do as I am trying to do now, give a hand up. So shut up about feeling sorry for yourself, get in the stack, and kick PTSD’s door in.


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